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Book, Article, or Film Referenced by …
Marcia Ziska, OSB
Lost Horizon (1973 film) also (1937 film) (book) Karen Joseph, OSB in “Cultivating the Monastic Instinct”
Hume, Basil. (1976). “Monastic Instinct” in Searching For God;  reprinted in 2004 as The Intentional Life: The Making of a Spiritual Vocation Karen Joseph, O.S.B. in “Cultivating the Monastic Instinct”
Grün, Anselm (2000) Heaven Begins Within You: Wisdom from the Desert Fathers Kym Harris, OSB
Around the Monastic Table – RB 31- 42: Growing in Mutual Service and Love
and Perspectives on the Rule of St. Benedict: Expanding Our Hearts In Christ
Books by
Aquinata Böckmann, OSB
Kardong, Terrence. (2002).  “The Healing of Shame in the Rule of Benedict.”  The American Benedictine Review 53: 453-474 Aquinata Böckmann, OSB
The Rule of the Master in English translation by Eberle. (A translation also available from Sister Aquinata.) Aquinata Böckmann, OSB
Lérins Abbey and monastic life (Wikipedia) Aquinata Böckmann, OSB
The Rule of St. Benedict Library (includes Rule of the Master and other early monastic rules) Aquinata Böckmann, OSB

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