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My little girl wants to be a Sister?! 3 tips for parents

Parents are surprised when a child says she wants to become a Sister. Websites tell them how to help their daughter – but how do they deal with their own feelings? Three quick tips. Continue reading

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Are some topics too touchy to study? Regnerus under investigation

Mark Regnerus’ study kicked up a firestorm – and now an accusation of research malfeasance. Where is the science in all of this? Continue reading

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Recognizing the Pussycat Parent

Amy Chua’s Tiger Mother expects to be resented and to have battles, but believes that closeness, hugs and cuddling offsets any message of rejection. Pussycat Parents maximize the cuddling and sense of close connection – but prize it to such a degree that anything that threatens the peace and closeness is avoided at all costs. Continue reading

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