Sister Edith

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Sister Edith

I’m a Benedictine sister, a sociologist and social worker by training. I have the privilege of working with Oblates, lay women and men who adapt the Rule of St Benedict to their every day lives, and of inviting the next generation of young women to consider religious life, especially as a Benedictine.

This blog blends the view of many lenses: my Catholic faith, Benedictine charism, sociological training, and sometimes quirky sense of humor.

In my pre-monastery life, I was a statistical and research consultant, a teacher of  English and American historical dance (aka country dance), a graduate student, and an oncology social worker. I held leadership roles in small non-profit traditional music and dance organizations, and at my student parish.

Hobbies. I have always been an avid reader and, since the first day I heard it in 1971, a National Public Radio fan – probably because of I’m just as “full of ‘satiable curiosity” as the Elephant’s Child in my favorite Rudyard Kipling children’s story.

In the last few years, I’ve taken up a few new hobbies: digital photography, graphic design, the open data movement, data visualization – and blogging.

Blogging. I started my first blog, Monastic Musings, in 2004.  When a malware infestation led to swift closure by Google, I mourned for a day. Then I decided to start again – on WordPress. I write about whatever interests me. I changed the name to Visum Monachae because the Latin is shorter than “As Seen by a Monastic Sister.”

I hope you enjoy your visit to Visum Monachae.


Sister Edith