What song should a nun sing … on a talent show?

The newest viral video shows young nun who wowed the crowds and stunned the judges on Italy’s The Voice (similar to Britain’s Got Talent or American Idol).  It’s a lot of fun to watch – but there’s more to it than just the high energy and good spirits.  Here it is, in case you haven’t seen it yet:
(hit the [cc] button to see the English subtitles of her conversation with the judges).

But what song should a nun pick to sing for a talent show? Beautiful as hymns may be, it’s not likely that a nun singing a hymn would make it past the first round of selections.  So many contemporary hits are filled with dysfunctional romance or sex-without-love: poor choices in so many ways.

I had never heard Alicia Keys‘ No One before today.  But I’m glad that Sister Cristina Scuccia sang it for me.  It’s one of those love songs – many of us in religious life have a few – that work just as well at singing about our feelings for God as they do for human romance.  Sometimes better:

“I know some people search the world
To find something like what we have”

It’s hard to hear Sister Cristina singing for the shouting of the crowd; here is Alicia Keys singing with the lyrics scrolling.  It’s a great song for a nun to sing. I hope Pope Francis DOES call her up!

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