#FaithfulFilibuster for the poor

Photo of Jim Wallis at #faithfulfilibuster with poverty bible

Jim Wallis flips through more than 2,000 highlighted verses on poverty & justice in Bible. Photo by Brandon Hook / Sojourners

Everyone I know, liberal and conservative, is frustrated with the government shutdown, all the moreso because the positions are so entrenched that it’s hard to imagine a way out.

I read from the book of Jonah at Mass today.  He showed the maturity of a two-year old with his temper tantrums, first that Nineveh repented and then that a shady plant didn’t last a day in the heat.  Twice God asked him, “Have you reason to be angry?”  Twice he said, “Yes, angry enough to die.”

I could not help but think of the government stalemate, in which all parties are saying they are angry enough – stubborn enough – to let the economy and especially the poor be at risk of death. It is long past time for both sides to lose a little face, give a little, and find a way out.

Jim Wallis and a group of clergy staged a filibuster, reading 2000 passages from scripture that refer to God’s special concern for the poor.  The filibuster continues on social media — our monastery is contributing some tweets of favorite scripture verses or quotes from the saints.

Want to be part of the filibuster? Search for #FaithfulFilibuster on whatever social media you use, and add your own contributions.


About Sister Edith

Benedictine sister of St. Scholastica Monastery, Duluth, Minnesota
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