My aha! moment about Gosnell media coverage

Kermit Gosnell photographed following his arrest

Kermit Gosnell photographed following his arrest (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The Gosnell story hasn’t been hidden to people who follow pro-life issues.  I’ve been aware of it for months, in a vague way.  It melded with my general awareness of other stories:  about other unsafe abortion clinics, about Planned Parenthood‘s choice not to report that a child is a victim statutory rape when a young teen comes for an abortion, about the need of 5-8% of women for surgical intervention after RU-486 abortions.

In short, it joined the list of stories about the impact of the abortion industry on the health of the women who use it — what should really be called “reproductive health.”

My aha! moment came when the some mainstream media did start to report on the story after the flood of tweets and posts calling attention to the “blackout” of the trial and horrific details of the crime by the mainstream media.

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