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The first time I saw a quote like this, it said “If you’re not paying, you are the product.”  Shocking enough.  Now we are not only the product, but the platform. But “Even Google Won’t Be Around Forever, Let Alone Facebook


  1. Slightly off topic: Google may not be around forever, but its digital assets — such as its digitized book collection — are just too valuable to ever disappear. Barring a true catastrophe (in which case books are the least of our worries…), the books in Google’s library are a lot safer than the physical artifacts. Of course, those artifacts have a value of their own, but I’m delighted that they’re “backed up” elsewhere.

    • I wonder about that. We have lots of books that have survived hundreds of years because -as physical objects, it takes energy amd intent to get rid of them, or at least severe neglect. Digital record formats are transient and not as subject to figuring out after time passes by.

      My dissertation and its data were stored on Zip disks and before that on magnetic tape. Luckily, I moved it to a CD and cloud storage before my Zip drive became obsolete – but didn’t think to do so for a family recipe book now lost forever. I’d place more bets on the ability of the bound copies of my dissertation to fend formthemselves than the electronic files.

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