Christmas Eve

Inside the Cottage on December 24, 2012
Inside the Cottage on December 24, 2012

One of my colleagues began to purchase Advent Calendars for everyone in our department. These are not the kind made of paper — wonderful as those are — but the online ones created by Jacquie Lawson.  This year, the calendar was more magical than ever:  it has two parts, and it is interactive.

Advent Calendar Snowglobe
Advent Calendar Snow Globe

As soon as the program is installed, a small snow globe appears on the computer desktop which controls the program.  In late November, before the calendar began, clicking on the globe opened into a room in an Alpine cottage that was somewhat bare – but there was a puzzle and a bit of music. The calendar’s first day gave me a tree and lots of choices for decorating it – I went for a simple blue and green theme. On later days, I also decorated the stockings and wreath over the fire, built a snow-lady, and played a memory game with hot chocolate.  In between those activities, Jacquie Lawson provided trips to Australia, Paris, Venice and Antarctica, the coffee shop and post office and much more.  Each day there was a new image, a new little play, or something new to do.

But: the cottage was just the beginning.  The Advent Calendar really focused on the Alpine Village — that’s where I found the numbered ornaments that provided entry to the day’s activity. The giant tree in the center of the village was decorated a day at a time, with a new ornament indicating the events of that day. My snow-lady and wreath are around the tree, and the snowflakes I designed are falling from the sky.  This year, the Advent Calendar is not only a beautiful village — it’s one I had a hand in building.

I do not promote products on this blog — it’s not what I’m here for.  I was not aware of Jacque Lawson’s wonderful e-cards nor her Advent Calendars until someone sent me one — I have enjoyed them (and sent them) ever since.  This year, more than ever.

The Alpine Village on December 23
The Alpine Village on December 23


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