Blogger – still no help three years on

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Google Blogger logo (Photo credit: Kinologik)

It’s been more than 3 years since someone hacked my previous blog on Blogger, filled the posts with malware and eventually replaced the entire thing with a car ad. Then they abandoned it.  Google shut me out of the system for having malware on the blog before I could even figure out what happened.

The forums that morning lighted up as dozens of people reported the same problems.  Once or twice, in the ensuing weeks, someone who claimed to have connections to a Google employee told us to fill out the same forms again, or to gather our information into one place and submit it.  We did all of that.  But nothing happened.

I wish I had not lost 1000+ posts.  I wish the car ad didn’t show up in searches. Most of all, I wish that Google, probably the corporation with the data pool with the most people and most data per person, had a customer service arm.

With Google’s many free services, the “users” are the product — and not one that needs any type of contact at all.

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