Targeted Advertising = Creepy

It’s been quite a while since I listened to music on Pandora, the internet streaming music source. In the interim, they have gone over to a very targeted form of advertising. It’s immediately apparent that the ads served up are targeted to me, based on the trail of cookies I’ve accumulated across the internet.

It’s creepy.

The ads are also unflattering and unappealing. Any one of them, mixed in with other ads, might be go unnoticed. On Pandora, there’s just one ad at a time.  The Pandora ads let me know how the internet sees me:

  • Fat — but I might be able to benefit from a weight loss product that avoids traditional dieting
  • Becoming Senile – but I might benefit from a product to sharpen my wits
  • Saggy – but there’s just the right exercise program waiting for me

I will be happy to get home to my radio. NPR doesn’t target me in creepy ways. And they act as though I still have all my marbles.


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