Spreading the word about lectio

I spend a lot of time standing in front of groups of people talking about something that I think is important and useful for them – but it’s a statistics classroom, and the students usually don’t have as much enthusiasm as I do.

Every so often, I get a chance to meet with a group of people to talk about the monastic practices that transform my life, shape my spirituality, and bring me closer to God.   Those presentations are different – the methods are traditional, but their presentation is personal and from the heart. It seems riskier to describe one’s experience with lectio divina than to explain why standard deviations are important.

Nonetheless, these are some of the best events of the year for me.  The people make all the difference.  They come because they eager for a chance to share their faith experiences – something we don’t usually do in the workplace in the 21st century – and to find new ways to seek God.  Tonight I have the chance to present the method of contemplative reading and pondering of scripture – lectio divina – in Walker, Minnesota.  It’s a real treat.

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