Ways of seeing

I came across a weird little video titled “Powerful video. Can’t explain it just watch.”


  1. Seeing people this way, or knowing that those situations could very well exist, are what help me be patient. Keeps the ulcer juice down, too! LOL! I loved the “needs a hug” vision, because I think so many people live their lives on the defensive. I’ve seen negative attitudes melt with a smile.

  2. what a moving video. Reminds me of a POV exercise I did in grad school: a father is letting his kids run rampant on the subway, noisy and disturbing everyone. Someone finally says, “hey, buddy, could you keep those kids quiet?” and he responds, “I’m sorry. I didn’t notice. Their mother just died and I haven’t told them yet. Just trying to figure out how to do it.”

    • I find it moving too. I think it’s both POV and also a matter of choosing a perspective. Both your story and the video have a messaGe that someone is basically good if we understand them. A cynic could make a similar video in which someone was enabled to recognize false friends, flattery, con artists – situations where the unseen reality was negative.

      I would reject the latter as an accurate view of humanity even though I have flattered people or called in sick when I wasn’t – and so have many of us. When pushed to explain why I choose the noble over the cynical view, my answer would be grounded in Christian anthroplogy – that people were created in God’s image with goodness at their core.

      I have noticed a thread in marketing that moves in the other direction – people are portrayed as sharks, cattle, birds and as sneaky liars or brazen bullies. It bothers me to find that there is an advocate of the “hopelessly fallen” view of human nature, and it is Madison Avenue.

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