Blooming Sanseveria!

Showing the blossoms on a Mother-in-Law-Tongue plant
Sanseveria in Bloom

My sanseveria plant, aka Mother-in-Law-Tongue, is blooming. I’ve never seen one do this before, and it’s fairly amazing.

Wikipedia reports that this could happen every 2-4 years especially if the plant is root-bound (guess I better find a bigger home for mine when it is done flowering) but other sources online say it happens much less often.

I was feeding all my houseplants leftover African Violet food; I wonder if that batch of nutrients induced the bloom?

At any rate, I’m enjoying this once in a lifetime experience.  To see the blooming process close up, watch the move below – someone used time lapse photography to capture it all.

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One comment

  1. That explains the lack of flowers on my mother in law plant. I call it mine in the loosest possible terms. It was given to me but my sister has had posession for over 8 years because I have a brown thumb. She on the other hand has conscientiously repotted and split the plant at least 5 times. ;0)

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