Why I love Duluth

Dr. Wise skis to work in Duluth Leap Day Blizzard

We hadn’t had much of a winter in Duluth this year – until today. A Leap Day Blizzard swept into town. This morning, snow was falling more than 1″ an hour while the winds howled by, gusting to 55 mph down by Lake Superior.

This is really difficult for the folks who have to work in it. I’m really grateful -and amazed – to find all sorts of people working on campus today.  This photo from the Duluth News Tribune photo gallery captures the Northland‘s spirit – doctors who chose their homes so they can ski to work when the going gets tough.

The storm has a terrible beauty – nothing to play around with, but something that evokes awe.  One of the blessings of living in Duluth is the reminder, every year, that all of our technology and fancy gadgets are a flimsy match for the real forces of nature.

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  1. Such a beautiful place to spend a winter. If you can handle the cold, that is! There are so many great accommodations, eateries, and shops in Duluth. Such a cultural town.

    [This comment was submitted by someone working for one of the hotels in town and originally included an advertising link to his place of employment. ]

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