Benedictine Renewal Program Presentations

I have the privilege of making a presentation about the future of monastic life in the context of contemporary culture at the Benedictine Renewal Program in Crookston, Minnesota. The slides are posted below.

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  1. Excellent presentation, leaving many questions. I can imagine the discussions will be very interesting! Since Christianity will always be counter-cultural, and even more so if the societal trends continue, the most important thing is that the monastery be willing to be very good at being counter-cultural, to living Christianity openly and without apology, without trying to “fit in.” I think it will be even more important to cling to the Rule, and to Scripture, and to the teachings of the Church, for those in monastic life to show that there’s a better way–a thoughtful, deliberate, balanced, Christ-centered way, and for monastics to teach those “outside the walls” to adapt that way to their own lives in the world. More than ever, the monastic life should be a school for living the Lord’s life, a school for monastics AND others needing mutual support.

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