#2 – Storage (52 Fewer Things)

No longer needed

If I were to name each individual object that is finding a home elsewhere, at least in these beginning stages, the blog would fill up with an inventory of junk.   Instead, I am highlighting the departure of a 4-drawer storage chest from my office.

Much of the Dead Tech (see #1) occupied a couple of the drawers.   Clearing out the dead gave me the opportunity to re-organize the living.  I said farewell to some still-functional but not needed VHS films and some old editions of textbooks. A few items are now clutter on the floor. In the end, there were more items on top of the drawers than inside: things that never did have a real home.

I am intent, though, on getting these 4 drawers of storage out of the office as quickly as possible.  Storage space – especially enclosed storage space – presents a real danger. I could make the office much tidier by popping the homeless items into the drawers – the breeding stock for the next generation of excess stuff.

I’m surprised and, frankly, bored with most of the stuff I’m discovering in this clean-up. Sitting around in plain sight, I would have disposed of it long ago. Tucked into a drawer, it was easy to forget its existence.

First finding:  Storage is an enemy, not a friend, of decluttering and simplifying.

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