Snowy Day at the Monastery

Snowy Day, originally uploaded by Edith OSB.

The shortest day of the year in Duluth began with quite a bit of snowfall. It was enough to close the public schools, but not enough to prevent Final Exams from going forward. Sister Teri got out the snowblower and began clearing the path to the chapel while some flakes are still falling.

Praying the Psalms with the Sisters on Benet Hall this morning, we had the line, “The heavens proclaim God’s glory!” With a total eclipse of the moon on the same night as the Winter Solstice, and this major snowfall, we had to admit: they Heavens are certainly proclaiming with vigor this year!


  1. It snowed here, too, but not as much as what you got, evidently. I had hoped to shoot the eclipse, and I even set my clock for 1:30 a.m., but then, as I sank into bed, I asked myself whether I’d really want to get up when it went off. I answered “no!” and shut the thing off right then. Besides, with snowfall due, I figured I wouldn’t see it anyway.

    But I do lately feel like my beagle, who romps with ear-flapping abandon through the fresh drifts. Her joy is contagious, and I bring it with me to my prayer time.

    (Too bad about exams going forward, though. ;-)

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