Sound design

TED photo of Julian Treasure
Julian Treasure

Julian Treasure packs a lot of information about sound into this short TED talk; he describes the ways in which our overly noisy world eats away at our mental health and our sense of peace. We do not design our soundscapes, we just let them happen to us.

Benedictines, take note: he encourages people to sing and speak rhythmically together in a choir or chorus as one way of having a soundscape where our location, our visual sense, and our hearing all come together. Listen to the 8 minute talk for the other recommendations.

Julian Treasure’s TED Talk on Sound Health

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  1. We take sound for granted, that’s for sure. Personally, I love silence–but I find so many people who are uncomfortable with it. Although music can be used to enhance a situation–like a penance service, for instance–there are times when we NEED the silence to hear our own thoughts. But that’s something that makes some people very uncomfortable.

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