Google: Be aware before you click

The college where I work switched to using Google as its provider for email services. Besides all the usual grumbling about changes in features, some of us have significant concerns about what Google will do with all the data it scans in our emails. Others call us paranoid.

File Permissions for Send from Google
"Send from GMail" dialogue

In an effort to make our registration system communicate with our mailboxes, the option to use Google’s Chrome browser with a little extenstion “Send from Gmail” was offered.  Although I’m among the paranoid – having been followed around the internet by the same black skirt for weeks after I decided not to buy it online – I thought I’d check it out.

For this extension to work, it needs to be able to connect any “mailto:” link to my email account – a pretty minimal amount of information. But this Google-produced extension asks me to over-ride my privacy settings, giving it access to much more information than it needs to do the job.

It’s pretty hard to avoid working with Google if you use the internet at all. I urge you, though, to read those dialogs carefully and think twice before you say “yes.”

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