No ads – and their tracking cookies – on this blog

A year ago, when I moved my blogging to WordPress, I decided to purchase the “no ads” upgrade.  At the time, my reasons were primarily aesthetic:

  • I don’t like to read ads, and presumed you wouldn’t either
  • The ad companies lump most Christians into one category and deal out ads that I would not endorse
  • WordPress doesn’t charge very much for removing the ads

Ads and Tracking Cookies

As the renewal on that “no ads” upgrade comes due, I’m more eager than a year ago to keep it in place. Investigative reporting by Julia Angwin at the Wall Street Journal last week showed that

  • third-party ads insert tracking cookies that record your behavior from one site to another, and record what you look at
  • some ads, especially flash (video) ads include code that re-installs tracking cookies you had already removed
  • some ads, especially flash ads, will embed tracking code for a different third-party data collector while they’re playing on your computer

Here’s a short video that accompanied the Wall Street Journal, explaining how these cookies work:

Vodpod videos no longer available.

This blog will continue to remain ad-free. But Google probably knows that you read this article anyway.

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One comment

  1. Sister Edith:

    I hope all is well. Your blog came up on my “radar”. Please excuse the informality of this email as an introduction, But I do apprecite your analysis of the flash cookies issue. Since school is starting, and sociology would be a great topic for students interested in this “new thingee called the Internet” , I suspect you use alot of materials from online sites.

    With that said, tell your class you have made acquaintances with the “privacy activist lawyer aka privacy crusader! While you noted issues related to my recent flash cookie filings, noted in the wsj story, hpefully your class can discuss some of my other cases. Let the students research: LANE V FACEBOOK, (google: facebook beacon class action) , or VALENTINE V NEBUAD, SIMON V ADZILLA, SLATER V TAGGED, OR DOE V NETFLIX.

    As a former teacher, socialogy major, and St Bernard’s High School student (uncasville ct ) , I applaud your interest. As a former alter boy, and yrs of catholic ed, please do not tell my former religion teachers back @ ST B’s that I have no clue about what you teach as it relates to : “conspicuous consumption” . I hate to say it but I would have to do some reasearch!

    Kepp up the great work, and I am sure you have the interest of your student’s if they are reading your internet discussions.

    Joe Malley, aka: privacy activist atty, fna: “privacy crusader”

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