Coliseum Street Party

After Mass this morning, I was near Via dei Corso, so decided to browse my way to Victor Emmanuel then walk to the Coliseum. I am amazed: this Sunday, over 15km of roads are closed to cars. Rome has become a huge street party.

Near Victor Emmanuel, purveyors of regional foods had a food festival; I lunched on a variety of cheeses, cured meats, breads, and even fresh cherries. They were happy to explain their foods – and they were more intensely flavorful than their US equivalents.

The huge road to the Coliseum was wide open for strolling. Street music included Andean pan-pipes, a Polish blues singer, and an excellent guitarist playing Bach. With so much space opened up, there is no crowding or pushing. Romans and tourists together are enjoying a chance to see the Forum without the usual hassle.

I am taking a break outside the church of S. Frances of Rome. I have wanted to see it for some time, but found that I had arrived just as a bride and groom were pronouncing their vows. Where better to write a blog post than a shady spot among the ruins of ancient Rome?

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