New look(s)

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I created this 2nd edition of Monastic Musings after my first blog was killed suddenly and unexpectedly by my (former) blogging service provider.  I chose my favorite basic theme, tossed in a bunch of widgets, and kept on writing.  It was just before the start of the school year, and I didn’t have time to think much about design.

For the past few weeks, has been rolling out one new theme after another; some of them looked pretty good to me.  The look you see now is one; I will use it for a while to see how it works, and perhaps try a few other looks.

The content will stay the same, and I will always post the weather in Duluth. But the decor may change a few times before it settles in.

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About Sister Edith

Benedictine sister of St. Scholastica Monastery in Duluth, Minnesota, serving in vocation and oblate ministry. Also a social scientist, reader, lover of nature and travel, and dabbler in many things. +UIOGD
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3 Responses to New look(s)

  1. I have been lurking for a couple of months on the new version of the blog (after having not visited in several months and having to go back and read through the drama/trauma postings). Every time I come here, I am impressed with how good it looks. Your trip to Rome looks interesting and as though you are being travelers rather than tourists. When I’ve visited various cities, I have found that figuring out the transit system or walking for miles between various districts are the best ways to learn the place. I’m glad you’re getting that kind of Roman adventure.

    • Sister Edith says:

      I’m glad to know you’re lurking – I hadn’t sensed your presence for a while.

      Yes, we are encouraged to be pilgrims, not tourists. This coming weekend, we make some individual pilgrimages to places of our choice. I was the only one interested in Ravenna, so I’m headed out alone. At the time St. Benedict was alive, Ravenna was the seat of government and the (in)famous Theodoric was there. It also has Byzantine mosaics reputed to be the best in the world outside Byzantium. Who could resist?

  2. The new look is elegant. Great picture too!

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