Pope Benedict – Pentecost Mass

Pope Benedict Sprinkling the People, originally uploaded by Edith OSB.

On the third day of our Benedictine pilgrimage experience, we went to St. Peter’s – this time to attend Mass for Pentecost Sunday. We arrived quite early, waited in line to go through security, and then – after finding seats about halfway toward the front of the church – waited quite a while for Mass to begin.The readings were in Italian, most of the Liturgy in Latin – but Pentecost’s spirit was evident in the Intercessions. Just as people heard the speech of Peter “in their own tongue” so today’s visitors heard the prayers in their language – at least if they were from Brazil or Portugal, Germany or Austria, France or any French-speaking nation, Russia, or China. A different lay person spoke each petition clearly and authentically.

It was a powerful experience: to know that all of these sounds, so different from each other, gave witness to the same spirit and the same good news.

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