New Faces around the Monastery

Today, we welcomed two women, Katie and Leilani, as Affiliates, the first stage of the process of discerning a vocation with our monastery. Both have visited a few times already, and we will certainly be seeing more of them as they discern whether or not they are called to the Benedictine way of life. (For a fuller account, the Oblates blog.)

If the newcomer, therefore, perseveres in her knocking,
and if it is seen after four or five days
that she bears patiently the harsh treatment offered her
and the difficulty of admission,
and that she persists in her petition,
then let entrance be granted her.
(Rule of St. Benedict)

Just a few days ago, the monastery welcomed a new postulant, Linda Wainwright, into the monastery. As a postulant, the woman discerning her vocation moves from her home (in Linda’s case, this was a great distance: she comes from New Orleans!) into the cloister of the monastery, to work and pray with the sisters during the year of her postulancy.

We are certainly blessed as a community by the desire of these lively and spiritual women to seek their vocation in our way of life.

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