St. Scholastica Monastery contributes to the annual AIM appeal. In February, several sisters will be visiting parishes around the Duluth diocese as mission appeal speakers.  The Oblates, too, will have a chance to participate in the appeal.

Benedictine monasteries of women live a communal life of prayer and work, just as Benedictines do all over the world. Many are located in rural areas, where they operate small clinics offering whatever health care they can – often the only that is available in that region. Some have orphanages, others also operate schools.

While the monastic communities are large – often numbering hundreds of young women – many of their members have only completed the first level of school. The monastic communities need to provide secondary education to prepare the sisters to serve in their many ministries. AIM contributes to their ability to provide this education .

Monastic communities everywhere provide retreats, opportunities for religious and spiritual guidance and growth, and worship opportunities. Many of them provide for their sustenance through agriculture and products sold on the local market – but the small income of these projects does not allow them to get the resources like the projecting system sought by the Cistercian monks in Chile for their retreat center.

Christians in both India and Vietnam have recently experienced violence; Benedictine communities strive to live peaceably in their communities. Benedictine sisters in India seek electronic equipment that will enhance their liturgy and their work. In Vietnam, where the practice of Christianity is barely tolerated, and few books are available, the sisters hope to establish a print shop.

More information about AIM USA is available on their website, including newsletters and details of their many programs in support of monastic men and women around the world.

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