Snarkiness Fail

Most teachers, except those who are true saints or give everyone A’s, get irritated while grading papers.  We talk to our students constantly “How could you miss that? I said it 3 times!”  We spend time in each others’ offices moaning and wailing, and sharing “you won’t believe this” stories.  This is one of the situations that generates works of snarky artistry, a genre not yet studied by the critics – art, poetry, stories, photos, jokes.  And sometimes even graphs.

Unfortunately, by the time we are involved in snarky projects instead of grading, we have lost common sense. Something strikes us as wildly funny, and just a bit mean, and it suits the mood so we do it – FAST – and get it out for all to enjoy.

We go so fast we forget to proofread.  But that is always a bad “cohice” to make.

Time Spent Grading Student Essays from GraphJam

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