Garnet Rogers

Garnet Rogers, originally uploaded by Edith OSB.

I’ve seen Garnet Rogers perform before: but never in a suit jacket and tie. It takes some getting used to.

He included two new songs in the performance, several old favorites. I especially appreciated the section of the performance devoted to U. Utah Phillips – some great stories and a moving rendition of Dave Alvin’s The Man in the Bed Isn’t Me.

It was also the first time I’ve been to the new Stage North building in Washburn, Wisconsin – quite a change from folding chairs in an old church building. The new location has a bar (open even when there is not a show) – an interesting approach to funding an arts venue in a small town. The theater is cozy – it seats 145 people, with a third of them in the balcony. There don’t seem to be more than 5 rows of seats anywere, so it’s a front-row seat experience just about everywhere in the building.

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