SleepOut for Homeless, Duluth

SleepOut for Homeless, Duluth, originally uploaded by Edith OSB.

Dozens of folks – families, students, community activists, and the curious came to spend the night. They will be sleeping in cardboard boxes and tents; a few will be under the stars in a sleeping bag. It’s been warm, but it will be chilly – and a little scary if the deer, fox, or rabbits are out on the Science Building lawn.

But it’s more than a slumber party. The evening includes a video, the play Habitat, and a variety of workshops. Habitat uses the words of Duluth’s own homeless people, politicians, social service workers, and residents: an orientation to our local reality.

It’s great to see so many folks turn out!

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About Sister Edith

Benedictine sister of St. Scholastica Monastery in Duluth, Minnesota, serving in vocation and oblate ministry. Also a social scientist, reader, lover of nature and travel, and dabbler in many things. +UIOGD
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