Sisters of St. Scholastica Monastery 2009

Once every five or six years, we have a “family photo” taken at the monastery; a large print is matted and framed in the front of the monastery. The most recent photo was taken in August 2009.  (Click through to Flickr to see names of all of the sisters who were in the photo)

Even with good pre-planning, there are always some who cannot be home for photo. This time, twelve sisters were unable to be included in the photo. Even so, it took an hour to get us all wheeled into place, lined up, arranged and re-arranged. The photographer, in the basket of a large cherry-picker, cajoled and joked to keep up our spirits.

As you can tell from the final result, we all managed to find a pretty decent smile in spite of the tribulations of the photo. By the time five years have passed, we will have forgotten the trials and remember only the joy of having the family picture.

(Want to see the photo a little larger? Click on the photo to go to Flickr, then choose “All Sizes” from the menu above the photo. You’ll be able to see the faces more clearly.)

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