Monastic Musings has a new home

I had been pondering a move to WordPress for over a year – especially after using it for all of my teaching blogs for the last year.  When a malware attack from who-knows-where attacked Monastic Musings, a cascade of events followed: the blog was automatically shut down before I even take a peek at the source of the problem; Blogger’s help forum is full of messages saying, “It’s been a week – when will I get my blog back?” And I haven’t figured out how to ask for a review.

Image by Edith OSB via Flickr

It’s a wonderful lesson in monastic detachment.  I had been writing that blog for, oh, four years or so – and was just about to reach the 1000 post milestone.  I was terribly distraught for about 10 minutes.  But I am staying at the Abbey of St. Walburga, where many of the sisters don’t know what a blog is, and few read any at all.

When I realized that I might have to EXPLAIN, at length, what it was that I had lost — well, it can’t be much of a loss if you have to describe it.  No one needs an explanation when you say you lost your keys, your child, or your passport. Better to just let it be water over the bridge, if need be.

I decided to start up again – recognizing that the same thing could happen here, too.  So  I will slowly be setting up home.   I’m trying to get ready for the new school year and have some vacation. If the old Monastic Musings becomes available, it will let me leave a message for folks who read it – and I can port over some of the posts I liked the best.  But a clean slate isn’t bad.

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