Federal government ruling: Catholic college must disregard their own religious values

According to news reports, a small Benedictine College in North Carolina is being forced to change the health insurance policy that it offers to employees.  The case had been settled in March 2009 but officials in Washington forced it open again.   Belmont Abbey College does not provide health insurance coverage for abortion and for contraception.  It is seemingly being sued for discrimination; the case was filed with the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission.

The article I read, Federal government ruling: Catholic college must disregard their own religious values, emphasizes the growing control of government even in private corporations.  Belmont Abbey College could choose not to offer any health care benefit at all, I think, and not encounter any problems.

The President of the College has stated that his school will not pay for a plan that provides services that are in direct contradiction of the teachings of the Church.

I will be interested to see how the argument for this case is argued on the grounds of discrimination.

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